Tips for Striker

Here are some tips to score more goals as a striker:-

• surprise the goal keeper

• keep it low

• go for the far post

• composure

• train your weak foot

To surprise the goal keeper, you must avoid doing predictable shots, and try looking in the opposite direction of where your shooting, this way when you take the shot, the keeper won’t be ready to save the shot, and your more likely to score.

Keeping the ball low is actually better than what most people think, becuase it makes it hard for the keeper to save the ball, as it is harder to dive downwards than to dive up in the air, the reason is that he cant stretch as far, when he is diving downwards, it also decreases the chances for the ball to miss the target.

Go for the far post, as it makes it harder for the goalkeeper to save the ball, and even if the goalkeeper manages to stretch far enough to reach it, he is most likely not going to be able to catch it, which means the ball will bounce back, and one of your team mates can get the ball and take another shot.

composure is necessary for any player specially strikers, because you wont be able to score if u cant keep your self together, and you probably wont even get the chance to take the shot, if your too scared that you’ll miss, so you have to believe that you can score, for you to actually manage to take the shot and score.

One of the biggest mistakes professional players make is that they dont train their weak foot, it is something that should be done by all strikers, becuase if you can shoot with both then you can shoot from any where, and this means more chances to score.

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