Tips for goalkeepers

Tips for goalkeepers:-

• dont hesitate to make the jump

• make sure you cover all your angles

• have information about your opponents

You always see alot of times where the keeper doesnt even jump for the ball, and this is due to their hesitation of jumping, and if you do want to become the best, you have to practise on avoiding this hesitation, and that will bring you a step forward to becoming the best.

Cover all angles so you give the opponent the smallest chance of scoring, try and make sure your standing in the perfect spot so that no matter where the opponent shoots you are able to jump up and save it, to do this you must practise positioning your self on the goal depending on where your opponent is, and also try and practise this in friendly games to give you more experience.

Study your opponents, learn the strikers weak and strong foot, learn how they usually shoot, this way when you are playing against them you can predict, there next move, and where their going to shoot, alot of professional goalkeepers do this, so why dont you.

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